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LUWIST is an artisan architecture and interior design studio, based in Bandung, Indonesia. We specialise in personalized designs that are derived from the diverse personal needs of users. Each one of our works has its own distinctive characteristics because we adhere to strong design principles.
LUWIST already has approximately 50 private residential projects, spread across Jabodetabek and Bandung. LUWIST also has its own place in the segment of society that requires residential architectural services. In the property or commercial building segment, LUWIST consistently works on commercial building designs with clients from several leading developers such as Agung Sedayu Group, Pertiwi Land, etc.

The Story of LUWIST Spatial

Lukie Widya, the principal architect of LUWIST Spatial, was deeply influenced by his father, an architect by profession, which led him to develop a profound love for the field before pursuing formal education in architecture. Obtaining both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees about architecture design based on human studies, Lukie Widya ventured into establishing his own firm in 2013, named LUWIST Spatial, after gaining experience in other architectural bureaus.

Since its inception, LUWIST Spatial always adheres to an initial approach where the design is shaped by the owner’s character, followed by addressing the owner’s needs. The belief is rooted in the conviction that a building’s essence is derived from the emotional connection of the owner, creating a dominant soul that originates from the owner, not just the architect.

Lukie Widya Hartono


In pursuit of this goal, LUWIST Spatial meticulously gathers information about their clients, delving into their daily habits from morning rituals to bedtime. Yet, this attention to the client’s identity doesn’t mean neglecting the distinct identity of each design. LUWIST Spatial skillfully incorporates the client’s ideals into the external form of the building. Lukie’s preference leans heavily toward residential projects, evident in nearly 90% of the constructed designs being residential homes. Catering to clients from diverse generations and cultures poses a constant challenge, requiring adaptability. Whether dealing with Gen Z’s preference for speed or baby boomers who appreciate intricate details, LUWIST Spatial employs a modular approach to accommodate these diverse needs.


A decade into the industry, LUWIST Spatial has experienced remarkably positive growth, witnessing increased recognition and appreciation for the architectural profession. Looking ahead, Luke envisions strengthening the internal dynamics of LUWIST, emphasizing that the success isn’t solely attributed to his individual efforts but is a collective achievement involving the entire team and the support of their respective families.

Meet Our Team

Lukie Widya Hartono

Principal Architect / Director

Arman Masudi

Senior Designer / Head Studio

Adinda Wijaya

Finance / Business Executive

Arie Priya

Senior Architect / Associates

Nadya Rachmathiyah


Ramadhan Adita


Kharis Putri


Jonathan Adrian


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